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Coinz Hour

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Coinz Hour Limited is a trading firm legally registered in the United Kingdom. It was founded by an elite team of machine learning traders. They have years of experience of applying artificial intelligence technique to stock market tradings. Our team has designed an award winning trading system to capitalize on the Bitcoin(and crypto) market. It has built in algorithm to collect and analyze data from every cryptocurrency on the market. It is connected to major exchanges around the globe,placing trading orders in milli-second once well tested patterns are recognized. Consistent profits are produced day in and day out as the system is able to profit from the extreme volatility of cryptocurrency.

Our system is a long/short fund, meaning it is able to extract profit from the market no matter it's rising or falling. In addition to generate consistent returns, we have the best risk management system in place to ensure that all our members could enjoy stable returns in safe way. Join us, ride the Bitcoin trend and double your investment in 24 hours!

A Team Of
talented people.
Bitcoin Trading Experts!

Our offer of 3 Plans


1.3% Hourly

For 80 Hours

  • Min investment : $5
  • Max investment : $1000
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Hourly paidouts!


2.5% Hourly

For 48 Hours

  • Min investment : $100
  • Max investment : $1000
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Hourly paidouts!


10% Hourly

For 24 Hours

  • Min investment : $500
  • Max investment : $50000
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Hourly paidouts!
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Total PROFIT ($)

For your convenience and safety

Instant Withdrawals

Profits are accrued hourly. All withdrawals are instant! No hidden commissions and fees.

User-friendly Interface

The interface is simple, modern and responsive. There are no no extra details, thus the working process extremely simple.

UP-TO- Date Protection

This program is secured with EV SSL, which guarantees insurance to all transactions and encrypts all information provided. The highest DDOS protection is provided by DDOS-Guard!

Active Assistance

We provide unbeatable support service via support Form, E-mail requests or Live-chat to cater to your needs. Contact us and get your questions answered. Our users is our top priority.

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Affiliate program

Each registered user at Company Name Limited website has a unique opportunity to earn money without your own investment with the help of a Four - tier partnership system. Depending on the activity of your own team, you can earn up to 9% of the total investment of your referrals.

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